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9:00pm – The rest of them were smoking downstairs. I stoned at the seats and was feeling very hungry. 9:10pm – I started chatting with my guy colleague who was waiting for his housemate. His housemate and my female colleague … Continue reading

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I finally figured out the reason that got my feelings all magnified and screwy recently. Today is my first day.

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I was walking around in a full daze today First I got “abandoned” during lunch. I ended up eating Thai food and resulted in a sore throat. Near 6pm, I got frustrated with a minor incident and burst into tears … Continue reading

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Addiction is when you are so used to having something – that when you are deprived of that something, you will have physical reactions. Slowly you can wean off this – with great determination and will-power. It took 3 years … Continue reading

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Took a 6 hours nap after I have finished cleaning the room. In the end, I missed dinner. *sigh* What food can I eat?

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Happy V-Day everyone…. Mr you-know-who…may you have a enjoyable time with her

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My father had proclaimed that I would be dead if I still didn’t manage to buy a bed by day-end. Thankfully, the perfect bed frame has been found- the wood is solid and the height of the bed is high … Continue reading

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While doing mental calculations in my brain, I realised that I managed to spend $300 in 2 days. This will probably explain why my personal bank account seemed to be laughing at me when I wanted to withdraw money this … Continue reading

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23 going on to 30

I am not quite sure why on earth I got myself another blog again (when the other few are buried under thick dust). However I kind of like the new blog address. (Who else but Singaporeans can truly use the … Continue reading

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