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One more day…

to the weekend. I had been so tired lately that I would start yawning once I reached the workplace and I probably pissed off alot of people today. Ha! Tomorrow, I am going to celebrate the birthdays of 3 chaps. … Continue reading

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Hot and melting

Had anyone realised how bloody hot the weather was yesterday? I was wearing sheer long-sleeve black turtle-neck, black flowy skirt and with my new liquid foundation on. I looked very good initially (Gotten alot of nice comments) And the bloody … Continue reading

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Retail Therapy

And people wondered why I had preferred to sleep my weekends away. (It was to save money, you kookoos) That was in the past. Now I can’t stand being alone on weekends. Sat: White Topshop halter-top $19 (I actually walked … Continue reading

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Chomp chomp chomp

Blk 85 market is still the best. And I think I am falling sick soon….

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Summary of my Friday: Went to workplace -> eat snake-> got pissed off by people during tea-time. stormed back to office -> eat snake -> had lunch -> eat snake-> went for afternoon tea -> eat snake -> went food-shopping … Continue reading

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What else is there?

1) Having pimples which insist on popping out. (Sorry Miss J about today morning, I was not feeling my best) 2) Managed to get my butt out from working on Sunday (although taking a off-day during the week would sound … Continue reading

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Was restless on Sunday night and that feeling just split over onto Monday…. I actually reached workplace at 845am *horrified look* From a stomachache, I actually had upgraded to backache and knee-ache…. Still felt the urge to do something reckless… … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday

Got a call last night at 1130pm from colleague – asking me if I would like to join him and the rest for a nightcap. If I was already out somewhere, I would most probably join them. But struck at … Continue reading

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Woke at noontime today. Should have figured out the reason. Nudging ache on my left side of the torso. After mopping around for a while, I went back to sleep. Woke up again at 6pm. My stomach is churning. You … Continue reading

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