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Stop asking

I have stopped myself from asking questions at all. No expectations = No emotional upheavals Daily Overview for Jun 30th Who says you have to know everything? Who told you that you have to be perfect or no one will … Continue reading

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Being Wrinkled and Green

Good day, Today not. Busy, Since morning I am. Take leave, I never will. Lots of shit, I have to shovel.  His birthday yesterday , I forgot. Wish, I quickly did.  Bad friend, I am. Guilty, I feel. Sad, I … Continue reading

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I was moody the whole day… No one ate lunch with me today and so I roamed around the malls and ate a sandwich. I declined the invitation of tea. Officially I did not want to spoil anyone's mood. But … Continue reading

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I am sure that everyone of you (oh you poor souls reading my bland blog) suffer from some form of insomnia at some point in time. in·som·ni·a (n-smn-) n. – Chronic inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for an … Continue reading

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I was surfing around when I stumbled upon a few blogs written by Indian females (as in they are born, bred, work and live in India). Most of their entries are mostly chick-lit until I read about sexual harassment that … Continue reading

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It is basic courtesy to call a person when you have informed the person much earlier that you will call. At least there should be an sms stating the various reasons why you will not be calling instead of NOTHING. … Continue reading

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Poisonous air

Do you ever feel the sense that your chest is constricted? That every breath you try to take snaps alot of energy? That even though after you cry, the pressure on your chest will not ease? In fact it got … Continue reading

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To the bloody FUCKER in office who stole my 7th-month old ipod nano: I hope you are bloody happy now. May your dick rot and fall off and I sure hope that you will never be able to celebrate Father’s … Continue reading

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I have been feeling relatively happy nowadays. Maybe I have learnt to let go of issues especially when I know that the answers are staring right at my face and there is nothing I can do to change things. Maybe … Continue reading

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Questions with no ready answers

I have been staring at my keyboard for so long, I do not know how to start. Had I mentioned how I suddenly broke down and cried at work (over him and a minor thing)? He kind of knew that … Continue reading

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