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Friday was team-building day and guess what, I was at Sentosa from afternoon onwards. The team-building games were not exactly very exciting. it was the dinner-time entertainment games that got us going. My team (sitting in the smoking zone) was … Continue reading

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King and the Clown

I have donated my blood for the 3rd time (in the month of July) at ENT department. I will have to go back in 2 weeks time to check out the results. *facepalm* Will this ever end? Have I changed? … Continue reading

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Hindi Sad Diamonds

I deserve everything bad coming my way. I deserve no friends. and I most definitely asked for it. [youtube=]

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Gone Gone Gone

John Ralston – Gone Gone Gone Lately you’ve been acting in a role that’s unbecoming Of the girl who taught me there was so much in this world worth living. The part that you’ve been playing has me dazed and … Continue reading

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On Thursday, I have gotten a sms from one of the guys stating that they are meeting up their army buddies at Zouk/Velvet/Phuture/Wine Bar on Friday night. Being in a dance-drinking mode, I figure why not? I was there from … Continue reading

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From Many relationships are emotional battlegrounds for all kinds of psychotic disorders and delusions, with partners often engaging in various forms of psychological torture. One of the strongest emotions between partners is the feeling of jealousy that is, according … Continue reading

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Blood test results came out: I am free from the viral infection. But I still wonder why am I still feeling weak? After that, I spent $68 on purifying my back with Sothsys products – the sight of my back … Continue reading

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Children of the Revolution

I am going for another blood test tomorrow and thus I have promptly informed my bosses that I am on 1-day Medical Leave tomorrow *dances around in joy* But unfortunately, I am still feeling slightly ill (I will get dizzy … Continue reading

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Mid-year resolutions

1) Love myself (Because no one else will) 2) Be less moody (Will start with smiling/laughing more even if it might kill me)  3) Sleep earlier (Less sleep = moody me) 4) Be more patient (Even if my hands are … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s mantra

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Don't frown. Don't cry. keepitcoolkeepitcoolkeepitcool Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

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