Friday was team-building day and guess what, I was at Sentosa from afternoon onwards. The team-building games were not exactly very exciting. it was the dinner-time entertainment games that got us going. My team (sitting in the smoking zone) was the rowdiest brunch of people. We laughed loudly, we cheered loudly and we were the camera whores. In fact, some of us realised that the other people were always looking at us instead of the MC.

The after-dinner entertainment was probably rated M18 – we had a strip-tease, mooning of white-underwear-clad buttocks, lots of gyrating hips and even cross-dressing *LOL* After a couple of beers(on my part), my team procceeded to a Indian pub around 9plus where the crowd was fanastic – where else would you have Malays, Indians, Chinese, Foreigners gryating hips together to loud Bollywood music? I was not even tipsy even when I have 3 glasses of rum-coke and with no dinner too.

Saturday was spent in a training room. After that, I went to watch Too Fast Too Furious – Tokyo Drift (Love the babes and the cars. However the male characters do not rock my boat). Today, my heart didn't ache that much. Probably because I am very sleepy.

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  1. pmg says:

    Ha Ha I was at Sentosa too. Saw plenty of team building groups. I was just showing some friends around.

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