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It is different to cough while laughing


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A nonsense fellow just called me 8mins ago to sing a Happy Birthday song to me. Happy Birthday to me! 

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Fee fie fo fum

Taking into account that my birthday is coming up in 30 hours, I have taken the liberty of giving myself birthday presents: Present One) Zero dollar in bank account (I spent too much on food and entertainment. I swear I … Continue reading

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Am Fucking Ugly now…

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Hips that do not lie

Guh! I want my hips to be like hers… [youtube=]

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Don’t you all want to be the Devil?

My colleague and I decided that we should go and watch the devil wears prada at 930pm.  2 hours swung past just like that. It is good. The clothes are fabulous. The boots look so cool but it is sucidal … Continue reading

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