Hello 2007

Dec 30 – I went to watch the movie Water at Vivocity (which I find too noisy and too crowded) which is about the widows of India. Brings to mind the ancient China.

New Year’s eve was spent with my university friends at my gf’s condo – not much as the very-drunkard party of Christmas eve but more of a chill-out session. Pretty cool.

New Year day/night was spent watching Kabul Express – a mostly English movie with some Hindi thrown here and there. Pretty funny especially the donkey, the cigs, the arguments… but with some sentimental touches. Compared to Night at the Museum (I like the Easter Island Statue) or Curse of the Golden Flower (the boobies galore), I really think that Kabul Express is a worth a watch.

Within these few days, I find myself more calm and collected. Bitterness and Anger are slowly going away. That is definitely a good thing.

On this final day of the holiday, I think I should stay at home and chill (despite how tempted I was by the various invitations to go out)

Happy New Year to one and all!

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