Recently, I came to know an answer that solved whatever questions/mysteries that I had earlier and the story is logical and complete now (at least for my side).

Sleeping partner indeed (I am amazed by my spurt of brillance when it comes to labelling people sometimes)

In a brief snippet of conversation with HM1 (which was so coded at times that I barely kept up with the conversation when I was the one who started it)

HM1: Anyone more than friends in your life now?

Me: No. All friends are just friends.

HM1: I thought 6, 7 months after my XXX came here, you would have someone more than friends. I could see that then. I would not know anything after XXX has arrived. No one would tell me anything.

Me: No, I had figured whatever that I had earlier, I don’t have it anymore. You know… you had 1 other housemate and THE sleeping partner

HM1: Sleeping partner? you mean mine?

Me: No, his.

HM1: Sleeping partner does not really be sleeping together you know.

Me: So? There is nothing there anymore. Besides I hate liars.

HM1: Why do you say that?

Me: I ask someone something and if the answer does not tally with what I see/know, you are lying. Plain and simple.

I looked through old pictures and I saw tenderness in the way you look at her; I remember the callous attitude when you rejected taking pictures with me but would always put your arm around her, always trying to be close to her, tried to make her happy, laughed with her, joked with her, treated her like a queen. And all these were captured with my phone camera. Evidence do not lie.

You proclaimed that you care but underneath, I know the hurtful things that you said about me, especially the total biase-ness towards her, the disregard/disrespect that you have for me. Your justifications do not hold water and when I linked incidents, answers, clues, whatever you said collapsed.

Sleeping partner proclaimed a few months back that she had nothing going on with you. I do not believe that. She had deodrant (Do you honestly believe that I will accept that you used a roll-on instead of spray? I went shopping with you lot on several occasions. I know what YOU use), shower gel, essential oils, clothes/shorts (for sleeping over in the afternoon. yar right) at your place. You reserve a t-shirt for her for god’s sake (I remembered seeing that from HM1′s place)

It has been more than a year, 2 flats and lots of lies and cover-ups.

Thank you both for that.

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