Beautiful things

It had been close to 2 months since I last wrote in this blog. In between there were ups and downs – I switched teams (a more demanding boss who is biased towards the sleeping partner), finished off my salary (literally), got myself emotionally-involved…

I told him that I would wait and see how long his patience could last with me. *laughs* You only lasted a couple of months before you started all the shit again.  Sleeping to 6.45pm? My foot. My knowledge told me different story and proven right. Ever since you came back from UK, sleeping partner slept over at least 4 times. You will stare at her boobs and deliberately sit opposite her in meetings so that you can admire her. You will call her if she does not appear for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner…

Is it a curse that despite what I felt (pent-up emotions), that I can still separate myself from all of the things and started observing people more closely? I see married man who said that he did alot of things because she is sickly with incurable diseases (feeding her  bites of curry puff.. she has no hands to hold it herself?) ; I see a single man who said he cared about her more because she is sickly (do sickly person smoked like her?do you need to pass her the master bedroom because she has diahorrea?)

Ami, you were right to say that I could not let go. Why should I? I could not understand what is it about me that is inferior to her. 我不服气. I do not like him per se… I just can’t take it that I lost and have her make a mockery of me.

You see no problem? I will give you problems. I personally ensure that.

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One Response to Beautiful things

  1. Ami says:

    bloody hell, feeding her bits of curry puff off a married man’s hands? yucks, she accepted this kind of gestures and have no problem with them, that’s what disgusted me about her. go give him/her problems, give them hell. as long as you don’t feel inferior (cos you’re not. just post her pic and every1 would agree with me!) & she regrets every inch of her life to ever make a mockery out of you.

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