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Changes and Congrats to Mr Beanstalk

1) Bought K800i for $45 after trade-in (picture-whoring, here I come) 2) Bought 80GB external hard-disk for $118 (finally I do not fear of missing files) 3) My close friend is getting ROM on Thursday. The 1st of the Uni … Continue reading

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I always know that when I am sleepy/tired, I am either very affectionate or very cranky… But still the result of my 4-day insomnia surprised mequite a bit today. A person once told me – “One should go through life … Continue reading

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Summary of my life so far

Birthday presents so far: 1 Baby Pooh + Jack-lighter(bestie), 1 pool-treat(Jack), 1 Hugo Boss Intense perfume(him), 1 Puma bag(mum) Organised a event on Friday night for supposedly 128 people which turned out to be 70people. Food was great (Fresh Sushi … Continue reading

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It is different to cough while laughing


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Don’t you all want to be the Devil?

My colleague and I decided that we should go and watch the devil wears prada at 930pm.  2 hours swung past just like that. It is good. The clothes are fabulous. The boots look so cool but it is sucidal … Continue reading

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You know you need sleep when you see "Resole your shoes with vibram" as "Resole your shoes with vibrator". Happy National Day!

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