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Am Fucking Ugly now…

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Pissed Off ….

My very cute and very happily married colleague looked at me this evening (Mind you, I was smiling) and said "Why are you looking so pissed off?"  And that was after I came back from a emergency-I-need-lots-of-love call to Miss … Continue reading

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ARGH – Monday version

My anti-virus has expired and thus I have to resort to downloading McAfree 30-day trial version. Nevermind that. I have also installed 30-day trial McAfree firewall, upgraded Yahoo!Messager and uninstall the crappy player(I forgot which one) due to my itchy … Continue reading

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My tummy has been in pain for the past 24 hours. KNN. Panadols do not work. Weird chinese medicine does not work. And I can't eat the stupid medicine that was prescribed for the swollen lymph nodes. I can't eat. … Continue reading

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Being Wrinkled and Green

Good day, Today not. Busy, Since morning I am. Take leave, I never will. Lots of shit, I have to shovel.  His birthday yesterday , I forgot. Wish, I quickly did.  Bad friend, I am. Guilty, I feel. Sad, I … Continue reading

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It is basic courtesy to call a person when you have informed the person much earlier that you will call. At least there should be an sms stating the various reasons why you will not be calling instead of NOTHING. … Continue reading

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To the bloody FUCKER in office who stole my 7th-month old ipod nano: I hope you are bloody happy now. May your dick rot and fall off and I sure hope that you will never be able to celebrate Father’s … Continue reading

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I should learn to keep my mouth shut

Lies. Empty Promises. Hiding the truth. Why did I open my mouth when I know the answer (instinctively)? Only bring more trouble to myself. F**K!

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Singapore Vagabond

How did I spent my long weekend? Friday: Roam Orchard with parents. Went for eyebrow plucking. Saturday: Watched movie at colleague’s place. Roam expo and bought underwear ;P Bulldozed some sense to Miss Jean (I hope so) Sunday: Went back … Continue reading

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Scent of a woman/girl

I had bought a miniature bottle of Ralph Lauren’s Romance last Thursday and find myself loving it and had been wearing it to sleep ever since. I find it much nicer than my current scent Lancome’s Miracle (eyes the 50ml … Continue reading

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