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Beautiful things

It had been close to 2 months since I last wrote in this blog. In between there were ups and downs – I switched teams (a more demanding boss who is biased towards the sleeping partner), finished off my salary … Continue reading

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Recently, I came to know an answer that solved whatever questions/mysteries that I had earlier and the story is logical and complete now (at least for my side). Sleeping partner indeed (I am amazed by my spurt of brillance when … Continue reading

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Fcuk off! What I do, who I mix around with, who I had “an affair” with, the race of the guy who I will marry – are none of your bloody business! You are just someone work-related! Does that give … Continue reading

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I am an irritated/nasty bitch today. Hear me roar!!! (I have to wake up in 5 hours' time to go for the review of my blood test results. And my hair is still wet)

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On Thursday, I have gotten a sms from one of the guys stating that they are meeting up their army buddies at Zouk/Velvet/Phuture/Wine Bar on Friday night. Being in a dance-drinking mode, I figure why not? I was there from … Continue reading

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ARGH – Monday version

My anti-virus has expired and thus I have to resort to downloading McAfree 30-day trial version. Nevermind that. I have also installed 30-day trial McAfree firewall, upgraded Yahoo!Messager and uninstall the crappy player(I forgot which one) due to my itchy … Continue reading

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My tummy has been in pain for the past 24 hours. KNN. Panadols do not work. Weird chinese medicine does not work. And I can't eat the stupid medicine that was prescribed for the swollen lymph nodes. I can't eat. … Continue reading

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To the bloody FUCKER in office who stole my 7th-month old ipod nano: I hope you are bloody happy now. May your dick rot and fall off and I sure hope that you will never be able to celebrate Father’s … Continue reading

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