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Me bad

These few weeks, I have gone through a roller-coaster. With my immediate supervisor gone to greener pastures, most of what he is doing fell onto me. And feeling discouraged and unappreciated, I turned into a lurker. Alot of times, I … Continue reading

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Summary of my life so far

Birthday presents so far: 1 Baby Pooh + Jack-lighter(bestie), 1 pool-treat(Jack), 1 Hugo Boss Intense perfume(him), 1 Puma bag(mum) Organised a event on Friday night for supposedly 128 people which turned out to be 70people. Food was great (Fresh Sushi … Continue reading

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1st week of Aug..Hohoho

My first week of Aug passed by without much incidents – I would get away with stoning at work more often now. But the scent of the air meant that life will be very hectic from now on. *shakes head* … Continue reading

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Friday was team-building day and guess what, I was at Sentosa from afternoon onwards. The team-building games were not exactly very exciting. it was the dinner-time entertainment games that got us going. My team (sitting in the smoking zone) was … Continue reading

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From Many relationships are emotional battlegrounds for all kinds of psychotic disorders and delusions, with partners often engaging in various forms of psychological torture. One of the strongest emotions between partners is the feeling of jealousy that is, according … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s mantra

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Don't frown. Don't cry. keepitcoolkeepitcoolkeepitcool Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

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Being Wrinkled and Green

Good day, Today not. Busy, Since morning I am. Take leave, I never will. Lots of shit, I have to shovel.  His birthday yesterday , I forgot. Wish, I quickly did.  Bad friend, I am. Guilty, I feel. Sad, I … Continue reading

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Summary of my Friday: Went to workplace -> eat snake-> got pissed off by people during tea-time. stormed back to office -> eat snake -> had lunch -> eat snake-> went for afternoon tea -> eat snake -> went food-shopping … Continue reading

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What else is there?

1) Having pimples which insist on popping out. (Sorry Miss J about today morning, I was not feeling my best) 2) Managed to get my butt out from working on Sunday (although taking a off-day during the week would sound … Continue reading

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Monday Blues yet Again

It was no fun to be changing and changing charts/graphs/data as per the whims of the Bosses for 9 hours. Because NO one knew what they want. It was certainly no fun when at bloody 8pm, the Bosses came by … Continue reading

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