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Am still alive. Stupid Tuesday. Work is a bitch. I have no idea how time flies just when you want to settle down to do some work. I have to update and restore my ipod. Still feel irritated about promises … Continue reading

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Friday was team-building day and guess what, I was at Sentosa from afternoon onwards. The team-building games were not exactly very exciting. it was the dinner-time entertainment games that got us going. My team (sitting in the smoking zone) was … Continue reading

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King and the Clown

I have donated my blood for the 3rd time (in the month of July) at ENT department. I will have to go back in 2 weeks time to check out the results. *facepalm* Will this ever end? Have I changed? … Continue reading

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Hindi Sad Diamonds

I deserve everything bad coming my way. I deserve no friends. and I most definitely asked for it. [youtube=]

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Gone Gone Gone

John Ralston – Gone Gone Gone Lately you’ve been acting in a role that’s unbecoming Of the girl who taught me there was so much in this world worth living. The part that you’ve been playing has me dazed and … Continue reading

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On Thursday, I have gotten a sms from one of the guys stating that they are meeting up their army buddies at Zouk/Velvet/Phuture/Wine Bar on Friday night. Being in a dance-drinking mode, I figure why not? I was there from … Continue reading

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Blood test results came out: I am free from the viral infection. But I still wonder why am I still feeling weak? After that, I spent $68 on purifying my back with Sothsys products – the sight of my back … Continue reading

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Mid-year resolutions

1) Love myself (Because no one else will) 2) Be less moody (Will start with smiling/laughing more even if it might kill me)  3) Sleep earlier (Less sleep = moody me) 4) Be more patient (Even if my hands are … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s mantra

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Don't frown. Don't cry. keepitcoolkeepitcoolkeepitcool Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

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Red Bombs

Let's see, it is now 141am and I am waiting for the 3am Germany-Italy match. Me who is lazy/no-mood-to-work/pms-ey-mood has taken leave for today (Wednesday). Therefore, lucky me will have to think of something to do for the day. *twindles … Continue reading

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