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King and the Clown

I have donated my blood for the 3rd time (in the month of July) at ENT department. I will have to go back in 2 weeks time to check out the results. *facepalm* Will this ever end? Have I changed? … Continue reading

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On Thursday, I have gotten a sms from one of the guys stating that they are meeting up their army buddies at Zouk/Velvet/Phuture/Wine Bar on Friday night. Being in a dance-drinking mode, I figure why not? I was there from … Continue reading

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From Many relationships are emotional battlegrounds for all kinds of psychotic disorders and delusions, with partners often engaging in various forms of psychological torture. One of the strongest emotions between partners is the feeling of jealousy that is, according … Continue reading

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Mid-year resolutions

1) Love myself (Because no one else will) 2) Be less moody (Will start with smiling/laughing more even if it might kill me)  3) Sleep earlier (Less sleep = moody me) 4) Be more patient (Even if my hands are … Continue reading

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Red Bombs

Let's see, it is now 141am and I am waiting for the 3am Germany-Italy match. Me who is lazy/no-mood-to-work/pms-ey-mood has taken leave for today (Wednesday). Therefore, lucky me will have to think of something to do for the day. *twindles … Continue reading

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好久没有用华语抒发情感, 有一点力不从心的感觉. 有时候, 我不知道自己为何会觉得大家都在远离我-不论是在心灵上, 思想上, 还是肉体上. 我承认我不是一个容易和人相处的人. 好多人都说我是一个很情绪不稳定的人. 也许是学生时代那段不堪的往事, 促使我到现在为止没有信心和人交流, 常常祸从口出. 有时侯我真的很讨厌自己. 真心对待人家只换来不公平的对待,甚至我怀疑我已经被很多人遗忘. 我就像是一块抹肮脏东西的破布, 只是在他们只是在有事时, 才被人拿出来抹一抹, 没事就被人遗弃在一个角落. 我也要和别人一样- 会有人时不时打电话和我东聊西扯, 和我相约一起看一看电影, 喝一喝下午茶. 这些都只是你几个小时的时光, 却能使我雀跃万分, 开心得不得了. 当我很想和人出去的时候, 主动地打电话或打一个简讯, 却被拒绝的时候, 那时非常难受的呀. 一次,两次,三次, 久而久之, 我不会再联络你. 因为我累了. 因为你行动上已经表示你没有把我放在心里, 我们的友谊对你来说已经没有意义了. 我到头来还是一个人.

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I am sure that everyone of you (oh you poor souls reading my bland blog) suffer from some form of insomnia at some point in time. in·som·ni·a (n-smn-) n. – Chronic inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for an … Continue reading

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I was surfing around when I stumbled upon a few blogs written by Indian females (as in they are born, bred, work and live in India). Most of their entries are mostly chick-lit until I read about sexual harassment that … Continue reading

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Poisonous air

Do you ever feel the sense that your chest is constricted? That every breath you try to take snaps alot of energy? That even though after you cry, the pressure on your chest will not ease? In fact it got … Continue reading

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I have been feeling relatively happy nowadays. Maybe I have learnt to let go of issues especially when I know that the answers are staring right at my face and there is nothing I can do to change things. Maybe … Continue reading

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