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Recently, I came to know an answer that solved whatever questions/mysteries that I had earlier and the story is logical and complete now (at least for my side). Sleeping partner indeed (I am amazed by my spurt of brillance when … Continue reading

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Ignorance is bliss

I had a good talk with someone on Sunday night 10pm till Monday morning 3.30am. (Thank you for making me see sense.) I had a uneventful Monday (other than talking for less than 4 sentences in office.) My Tuesday was … Continue reading

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Am still alive. Stupid Tuesday. Work is a bitch. I have no idea how time flies just when you want to settle down to do some work. I have to update and restore my ipod. Still feel irritated about promises … Continue reading

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I am cleared. Finally no more weekly visits to the hospital. I am so not suitable to wake up at 7am everyday.

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Today I feel like hugging someone, anyone and do not let go of the person… I only feel like this when I am very sick or very sleepy… and I can't figure out which one is it. Today I am … Continue reading

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Fresh meat on the block

Blood test taken at the ENT came back. The 2 different test results for nose cancer is "-v" and "rather high". And just to "be on the safe side", I was coerced into taking a nose biopsy (which hurts like … Continue reading

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King and the Clown

I have donated my blood for the 3rd time (in the month of July) at ENT department. I will have to go back in 2 weeks time to check out the results. *facepalm* Will this ever end? Have I changed? … Continue reading

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Blood test results came out: I am free from the viral infection. But I still wonder why am I still feeling weak? After that, I spent $68 on purifying my back with Sothsys products – the sight of my back … Continue reading

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Children of the Revolution

I am going for another blood test tomorrow and thus I have promptly informed my bosses that I am on 1-day Medical Leave tomorrow *dances around in joy* But unfortunately, I am still feeling slightly ill (I will get dizzy … Continue reading

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ARGH – Monday version

My anti-virus has expired and thus I have to resort to downloading McAfree 30-day trial version. Nevermind that. I have also installed 30-day trial McAfree firewall, upgraded Yahoo!Messager and uninstall the crappy player(I forgot which one) due to my itchy … Continue reading

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